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Japanese-inspired Grills

Yakitori and robata grills are two popular styles of Japanese grilling that have gained international popularity in recent years.

Both grills offer a unique and delicious way to prepare food, with the smoky flavor complementing the natural sweetness of the ingredients.


Grills inspired by the Japanese Yakitori - chicken skewers.

These are compact, long, and narrow grills that allow the yakitori skewers to rest over the charcoal.

All grills are coated with 1200º C refractory stone and have ventilation windows to control the airflow and the heat level.

Available in two sizes:

Yakitori S: 25 * 25 cm

Yakitori M: 42 * 25 cm


Stainless steel structure to support grills and skewers.

Support bars.


Robata is a traditional Japanese grill that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The word "robata" means "fireside cooking" and refers to the method of cooking food over an open fire.

Deep down, it's a wider Yakitori to accommodate larger pieces.

It stands out for its various height levels for grills and skewers.



It has several accessories and grills.


2 Stainless steel mesh grates.

2 Stainless steel resting grates.

Stainless steel support grid.

Available in the following size: 70 * 30 cm

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