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Barbeques are all about sharing moments with your friends and family. Enjoy them without fumes or smells and with professional high-quality equipment.

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To buy your favorite barbecue products, just a click away. However, for now, you can contact us to supply any EcoGrill® product.

Coconut Charcoal

  • 3 Hours Of Operation: ​ With duration 3 times longer than traditional coal.More economical due to the higher yield per kg.

  • No Flames, Fumes, or Smells: It just releases intense heat. Ideal for grilling indoors or on the balcony. The absence of flames allows the grill to be positioned closer to the charcoal, which allows for almost instantaneous sealing of food.

  • Constant High Temperatures: The high temperature decreases the time needed to grill. This allows the fluids to stay inside the food, giving it an extraordinary flavor.

  • Compact: Its briquette shape requires less space to store or stack Ecogrill © charcoal boxes.

  • Healthy: Tested and approved by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Oporto University. Does not release fumes or grime. The absence of flame prevents the burning of parts of foods: they are associated with greater health risks.


By using a lighter, you can grill any food in just a few minutes, making it an essential tool for any BBQ Master.

Our lightweight and compact design makes it easy and safe to light charcoal.

Table Grills

Table grills are great for people who like to entertain. These compact devices allow you to cook at the table, making it a fun and interactive experience for everyone.


With a wide variety of finishes and colors, they are perfect for grilling meat and vegetables and even preparing some desserts for the most creative chefs.


With so many options available, there's a table grill for every occasion.

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