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Wood-fired Ovens

The taste and flavor that Ecogrill wood-fired ovens give to dishes is unmistakable.

With clay-coated dome or vacuum-pressed brick, EcoGrill wood-fired ovens preserve the natural juices of the food, as well as the softness of them.


Ideal for cooking roasted meat and fish, chicken, bread, pastries and others, this oven is ideally heated to the desired temperature, burning all the wood inside and then the foods should be cooked closed door until they reach the ideal point of baking.​


The Wood Oven for Pizzas is the perfect choice for restaurants that serve an authentic Italian cuisine experience.


Always keeping the wood on and the door open, you can reach the ideal temperature for your dishes.

The heat is directed directly from the oven dome surface, to ensure that your pizza, focaccia or bruschetta are cooked in perfection.​

Extra: Possibility of a gas system implementation, working in a hybrid mode

Medidas Exteriores (mm)
Diâmetro Interior (mm)
Peso aprox.
1100 | 1100
550 KG
1300 | 1300
700 KG
1500 | 1500
950 KG
1700 | 1700
1250 KG
2000 | 2000
1600 KG

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